China Changchun International Ice and Snow Sculpture Symposium

Ice and snow sculptures coming into being under artists’ creativity and passion……After a few days of work, 40 new exquisite ice and snow sculptures were unveiled inside Changchun World Sculpture Park. The 5th Changchun International Ice and Snow Sculpture Symposium was opened at Changchun World Sculpture Park on December 23, 2020.

Nezha’s Havoc in the Sea, “Morning on the Grassland”, and“Beauty of Returning Home” and other ice and snow sculptures look gorgeous under the neon light, attracting tourists to watch and take photos.

Since the start of artwork collection, ice and snow sculptors have responded positively with 360 submitted 40 of which selected, including 12 snow sculptures and 28 sculptures by 135 artists of 36 teams from home and abroad. All these sculptures have been completed since December 19 this month.

“Ice and snow plus sculpture” is a major feature in winter for Changchun World Sculpture Park. On the basis of the existing sculptures, the artists use ice and snow to create counterpart editions, showing a new visual effect of “1 + 1 > 2”, an innovative way of highlighting the integration of artistry, story and interest of sculptures in the city.