100-day Ice and Snow Festival: 5 Parts, 208 Wonderful Activities

The press conference of the 24th Changchun Ice and Snow Festival was held at the Changchun Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting and Tourism on December 21, 2020. The festival, with the theme of “Ice and Snow-Happy Changchun”, will be held from November 19, 2020 to February 26, 2021 (Lantern Festival). The organizing committee says during the 100 days fantastic feasts of ice and snow games will be presented to both local citizens and visitors to Changchun City.

To make the event better for sightseeing, participation, cultural experience, entertainment and consumption, five parts covering more tourism products and better services for cultural tourism, sport, study tour, trade exhibition, and activities for the public will be presented this year.

For this ice and snow season, Jingyue Lake Ski Resort, Mt. Miaoxiang Ski Resort, Mt. Lianhua Shimao Ski Resort and Mt. Tianding Ski Resort have not only improved ski trails but also optimized recreational projects. There are also ten ice and snow thematic parks worth visiting, including Changchun New World of Ice and Snow, Changchun Jingyue Lake Snow Wonderland, Changchun World Sculpture Park Ice and Snow Amusement Land and Shen Lu Feng Fairy World. Among them, Changchun New World of Ice and Snow has opened in which the visitors can have fun in sliding, 496 meters, and adventuring in the scenes of mobile games “Fantasy Westward Journey”. Changchun World Sculpture Park Ice and Snow Amusement Land will be opened on December 24. In addition, there are six hot springs and top ten cultural tourism destinations that will provide both local citizens and visitors fashionable, comfortable and convenient experience.

In addition to rich ice and snow products, there are 208 ice and snow activities, including 12 for opening ceremony and main activities. Two pavilions highlighting ice and snow tourism and urban landscape will be unveiled at the 5th Snow Expo during which excellent cultural and tourism consumption places, famous business cards such as Changchun Film Studio, FAW Hongqi, Yatai Football Club as well as local ice and snow-related customs will shine with brilliance. The opening ceremony of the 7th National Ice and Snow Season, which is scheduled on December 29, will lead to the start of such ice and snow events including vasaloppet skiing, car race, and ice hockey competition, figure skiing, ice spindle, ice biking and other activities for the public.

Among the activities to enrich people’s life during this festival also include Ice and Snow Sports Competition and Carnival for Schools, Changchun Ice and Snow Season of Joy, “Ice and Snow-Happy Changchun” New Year Concert 2021, Winter Agri-Expo and Jingyue Lake Spring Festival Shopping Fair.