Ice and Snow Season Opened in Changchun International Film Town

The 7th National Ice and Snow Season for the Public will be kick-started at the Ice and Snow World of Jingyue Lake Scenic Area on December 29, 2020. The 19th China Changchun Jingyue Lake International Vasaloppet Skiing Festival will also be opened at the same time. The effort is to implement with concrete actions the General Secretary Xi Jinping’s call for “ice and snow tourism for 300 million people”, “clean waters and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver, and ice and snow bring silver and gold”. It is a specific measure taken to test the level of competitive ice and snow sport, train talents of ice and snow sport, and serve the preparation for the forthcoming Winter Olympic Games. It is also a broad stage on which the public can fulfil their dreams of ice and snow.

Ice and Snow plus Sports Take Root in the Public

Have fun in ice and snow games in Changchun City. To take advantage of ice and snow resources in response to the call of “ice and snow tourism for 300 million people”, Changchun Jingyue Hi-tech Industry Development Zone has planned to organize a series of activities at Changchun International Film Town within 100 days from November 2020 to February 2021 covering such traditional Chinese festivals as New Year’s Day, Spring Festival and Lantern Festival. A list of competitions and activities will be organized throughout the whole winter to cultivate four categories of ice and snow-based thematic products of sport, science and technology, culture and entertainment and tourism, and create famous “ice and snow brands” of Changchun International Film Town at home and abroad.

All involved join hands under the leadership of government and the public join with enthusiasm. The ice and snow sport and tourism products will be upgraded in this winter to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s mentality of making “clean waters and green mountains become mountains of gold and silver, and ice and snow bring silver and gold”. To develop ice and snow economy, ice and snow sports, cultural and tourism products have been designed in line with the decision and deployment of developing culture and tourism as a pillar industry made by the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee and the People’s Government of Changchun City to popularize ice and snow tourism, and attract more tourists to Jingyue Hi-tech Industry Development Zone of Changchun City.

Seven events and 13 ice and snow cultural and tourism activities will be organized at Jingyue Hi-tech Industry Development Zone in this winter. On December 29, two important activities including opening ceremony of the 7th National Ice and Snow Season for the Public will be held to kick-start such activities as auto rally race, ice hockey competition, figure skating and ice spindle at the ice and snow wonderland inside Jingyue Lake National Scenic Area.

The 19th China Changchun Jingyue Lake Vasaloppet International Skiing Festival will be held in the same period. The event has been growing since its settlement in Changchun City. It’s been held successfully for 19 times. This edition is sponsored by the Administrative Committee of Changchun Jingyue Hi-tech Industry Development Zone, and operated and promoted by Changchun Jingyue Lake Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd. and Changchun Nordic Ways Vasaloppet Management and Service Co., Ltd.

The competitions to be held include Worldlopet 50km China Tour, Cross-country Long-distance 50km, Long-distance 25km for College Students, Cross-country 50km, Vasaloppet 25km and Cross-country Mini 2.5 for the Public.

All preparations are now moving forward as scheduled. It is estimated that 500 people will be recruited to participate in the competitions.

Ice and snow plus Tourism Shows Popularity Effects

Jingyue Lake National Scenic Area, as a main venue for international and national events and activities, will be opened with brand-new ice and snow sceneries to the public this year. Along the roads connecting the front and west gates and ice and snow world there will be ice and snow sculptures based on such elements as animals, people and sports fitness to show the landscape of forests and snow in a better atmosphere for ice and snow tourism. With modern sound and photoelectric techniques adopted, the organizing committee will provide unique tourism products of forests, ice and snow.

Insiders say Jingyue Hi-tech Industry Development Zone has integrated regional advantageous resources and planned a series of activities including ice and snow sports, cultural, economic and trade exchanges, and boutique tourism. In addition, “the 1st Creative Video Competition” will be held to publicize Jingyue Scenic Area by means of new media, “Poetry Competition” to explore and showcase the cultural resource of Jingyue Scenic Area, and the 12th Jilin (Changchun) Winter Expo & Spring Festival Shopping Fair to create an ice and snow tourism exposition highlighting more benefits and higher interactions for the public.

In the meantime, ice and snow sports events and ice and snow culture will get combined with Manshanli National Research and Learning Base, Kaisa Hot Spring and Tianyi Hot Spring put on list for such products as ice and snow-related folk customs, ice and snow culture and entertainment and ice and snow villages.

Ice and Snow plus Culture Drive Development of Ice and Snow Economy

Through high-level promotion and driven by policies and projects, Changchun Jingyue Hi-tech Industry Zone has made unremitting efforts to implement “package plan” and play a good first move in developing ice and snow tourism so as to lead the economic transformation and upgrading.

The 1st Festival for “Snow Villages-Jingyue Lake Scenic Area” will be held to provide winter tourism products for the first batch of villages and sister villages selected for the promotion of rural tourism. Among the innovative highlights also include “the 1st Intelligent Driverless Car Race”, a combination of dual IP, automobile plus ice and snow, 800 plus videos for “Creative Video Competition” and more than 1000 poems for “Poetry Contest” that are expected to showcase online in an all-round way the cultural and tourism image of Jingyue Lake Scenic Area.

Ice and snow are combined with sport to carry out cross-country skiing training programs for college students, organize cross-country skiing competitions for college students, and hold snow hiking activities to show the beautiful sceneries of Jingyue Scenic Area. The supporting facilities are optimized, high-quality tourism elements in the region are integrated, travel agencies as well as popular tourism attractions including Jingyue Lake National Scenic Area, Museum of Manchurian Palace, Kaisa Hot Spring, Tianyi Hot Spring, Agri-Expo Park, Manshanli National Research and Learning Base will be promoted as a whole to attract more tourists to Jingyue Scenic Area.

Under the background of the forthcoming Winter Olympic Games and promoting the development of ice and snow industry, Changchun International Film Town will focus on snow-based landscape and sports events. Through the guidance of international brand events, special local ice and snow tourism products will be cultivated, the popularity, features of ice and snow culture, and quality of ice and snow tourism products be improved to promote the healthy development of cultural and tourism industry of Changchun International Film Town and thus contribute to the fast-growing ice and snow industry of Jilin Province.