Best Travel Routes in Autumn of Jilin Province

It is the best season of the year for the beauty of autumnal leaves and the moon for which the following travel routes are suggested.  

01 Changbai Mountain  

If there is a time to visit Changbai Mountain, then the best time to do it is in Autumn. 

Where you see layers of layers of autumnal colors, picturesque and poetic.  

Address: About 400 kilometers away from Changchun City, Southeast of Jilin Province. Route: Changchun, Fuchang Expressway and then Heda Expressway. 

02 Valley of Red Autumnal Leaves  

The Valley of Red Autumnal Leaves is situated in Laoyeling, a stretching branch of Changbai Mountain, grand and magnificent featuring red leaves, well mixed, bright and charming.  

The best time is from September 25 to October 10 every year.  

The forests of red leaves, golden yellow, green pine and eye-catching silver birch,  Together with the blue sky,  Constitute the perfect five autumnal colors of the valley.  

It is the time of the year every year that the valley is endowed with such scenery that look like the magnificent glow of sunset, selected as one of Top 10 Places of Autumnal Colors by the National Geographic of China.  

Address: Qingling Scenic Area, Lafa Mountain National Forest Park, Jiaohe City of Jilin Province, about 200 kilometers away from Changchun City. Route: Changchun City, Changji Highway South Line and then Hunwu Expressway.  

03 Shiwu Ditch  

In Northeast China, there is a saying “What Jiuzhai Ditch is to South China, Shiwu Ditch to North China.” 

Shiwu Ditch, with mountains and ricers which can be compared with Jiuzhai Ditch, features four-season picaresque sceneries.  

Walking inside the forests while enjoying the beautiful colors of Autumn,  the whistling of the wind in the pines and the singing of birds, as well as the gurgling spring which seems to be within the reach of one’s hands.  

Come here,  for a trip inside a painting of a fairy world. 

Address: About 500 kilometers away from Changchun City, Wangtiane Valley, Baishan City of Jilin Province.  

04 Xianghai Nature Reserve  

“On a fine day a crane cleaves the clouds and soars high; It leads the poet’s lofty mind to the azure sky.” This is just a depiction for Xianghai Nature Reserve.  

“Dance of Cranes” is reputed as one of the Top 8 Sceneries of Jilin Province,  a symbol of the province, “What Changbai Mountain is to the east, Xianghai to the west.” 

On the Island of cranes here, the cranes that are successfully domesticated in a half-free-range manner shall be on the top of your itinerary.  

In addition,  Xianghai Temple, a tourist destination that was built in 1664 of Emperor Shunzhi of Qing Dynasty,  is also worth your time of visiting.  

Address: About 330 kilometers away from Changchun City, Northwest of Tongyu County, Baicheng City of Jilin Province. Route: Changchun City, Provincial Highway 106 and then 12 County Highway.  

05 Egret Lake  

The Egret Lake is situated in the west of Xiaoqingdingzi of Chaoyang Mountain in the beautiful city of Panshi.  

The whole scenic area is built along a picturesque hill.  

There are 30 wooden villas of Nordic style that make the place a big difference.  

For each and every villa, there is a brown herringbone roof, an outer wall of brown wood pattern, glass windows like mirrors and golden railings. 

Along the hill, the villas stand in the shade of trees, expressing the romance of European style. 

Near the villas, there is a lake is like a serpentine dragon, entrenched inside the scenic area.  

Echoing with the blue sky and white clouds, there are some egrets playing on the lake, constituting a beautiful picture of movement and tranquility. 

Address: About 150 kilometers away from Changchun City, west of Xiaoqingdingzi of Chaoyang Mountain, Panshi City of Jilin Province.  

06 Chagan Lake  

The Chagan Lake, also called cha gan nao er (a white lake in Mongolian), is situated on the grassland of Qianguoerluosi near the bank of Songhua River,  known as one of the top 10 freshwater lakes in China.  

It is also famous for fishery production of 68 kinds including bighead carp, carp and silver carp 

Ever shown in a TV play Near the Sacred Lake,  It is also called Sacred Lake.  

Winter fishing in Chagan Lake has been listed as an intangible heritage of the world. 

Address: It is in the west of Jilin Province, being about 200 kilometers away from Changchun City. Route: Changchun City and then Hunwu Expressway. 

In the next few days, the best season of Jilin Province will arrive. 

The beautiful sceneries cannot be left alone. 

Make a plan in advance for your National Day holiday.  Select a place of your favorite and go!