Exhibition Center of InternationalCapital of FilmsGoesOperational

As one of the “four plates” for the high-quality development of Changchun City, Changchun International Capital of Films, which is situated in Jingyue Hi-tech Industry Development Zone, went operational Saturday evening on June 27, 2020. The building was unveiled with a curvy, shining appearance, similar to a “golden film strip”, which, according to insiders, is expected to become a eye-catching “window” to display the development blueprint of Changchun International Capital of Films. Government officials including Mayor Zhang Zhijun attended the opening ceremony.

Changchun is reputed as a “city of films”. The genes of movies have integrated into the blood of the city. Based on the culture of film industry and the rich ecological resources in the region, Changchun International Capital of Films will take the construction in the core area as a flagship to create in an all-round way an international, digital and industrial base of chains of film industry, and thus build a high-quality development demonstration zone for modern service industry. The core area of Changchun International Capital of Films covers the whole chains of film industry, television, culture and tourism, composed of Film and Television Shooting Base, 5G Digital Film Industrial Park, Film and Television Education Base, Museum of Films and is equipped with cultural tourism complex, star hotels, business street and other facilities. Under the coordination at high level by the province and the city, Jingyue Hi-tech Industry Development Zone and the project developer have joined hands to collaborate and promote the project, with a new record of speed of only five months from planning to start of civil work of the project in the history of the city to catch up with and surpass the development of its counterparts.

For the next step, Changchun will take Exhibition Center of Changchun International Capital of Films going operational as an opportunity to speed up the construction of Changchun International Capital of Films, thereby creating this plate into an eco-friendly, fashionable and digital highland for the all-round construction of an international city of culture, tourism and ingenuity.