Changchun Summer Festival Opened at World Sculpture Park

The Changchun Summer Festival was opened at the Changchun World Sculpture Park at 19:00 on June 19, 2020.

There are also 10 vintage cars, 10 new FAW cars and 12 Harley motorcycles joined the tour of float.

The opening ceremony is themed on “Enjoy Cool Summer, Enjoy Urban Life” for which eight thematic floats “People of Changchun City”, “Modern Metropolitan Area”, “International Automobile City”, “Ice and Snow”, “Fragrance of Books”, “Night Economy”, “Beautiful Countryside” and “5A Scenic Spots” were designed and launched to eulogize the achievements made by Changchun City in urban construction and development, demonstrate the glamour of Changchun as a modern city and create a landscape of urban mobility.

In addition, the public can also enjoy the tour of flat of the same vehicles on such festivals as Party’s Birthday on July 1, Film Festival, National Day (Mid-Autumn Festival), Ice and Snow Expo and New Year’s Day.

Night market is a highlight for this year, which is centered on the main entrance of Changchun Museum, with two channels and the outer ring road of the Urban Flower Mansion utilized as 15 functional sections for cultural and creative commodities, film projection, car trunk-based fair, masses’ art exhibition, book borrowing and reading, food making and selling, artistic performance, direct sale of agricultural and sideline products from low-income villages, karaoke entertainment, exhibition of float vehicles, portrait sketching, live stream of internet celebrities, outdoor commodities, kids’ entertainment and featured theme photo and video making, which is to further activate the consumption of culture and tourism and thus drive the development of night economy.