150 Car Brands to Join 17th Changchun Auto Expo on July 10

As the “first show” under Northeast China’s normalized epidemic prevention and control, also the first edition of the top five domestic auto fairs after the epidemic is effectively controlled, the 17th China (Changchun) International Auto Expo (hereinafter referred to as Changchun Auto Expo) is expected to demonstrate a wonderful show at the Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center from July 10 to 19, 2020. Also in the same period, Changchun International Auto Culture Festival and Red Flag Carnival will be organized.

The press conference was held on June 10, which was presided over by Sun Libin, Deputy Secretary General of the People’s Government of Changchun City. It’s learned by reporters that by the end of May such major domestic car manufacturers as FAW, BAIC, SAIC, GAC, Dongfeng Motor and Chang’an had confirmed to participate in the exposition, and approximately 150 mainstream brands including Benz, BMW, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover, Infiniti, Lexus and Cadillac will gather in Changchun City. The number of cars exhibited online and offline is said to exceed 1,400, the highest in history. For the 2nd Red Flag Carnival, 16 activities, bigger than 2019’s scale, will be organized to stage a gorgeous symphony of publicity for the brand of Red Flag.

After 16 well-cultivated editions in 21 years, Changchun Auto Expo has become one of the top five domestic auto fairs. With remarkable achievements and progressive advancements, it has not only promoted the development of automobile industry of Changchun City and Jilin Province but also facilitated to a great extent the development of such industrial clusters as transportation, logistics, tourism and advertising while leading to a business and trade system in which industries are integrated and sectors are supporting and interacting with each other, thereby become a typical role model for the development of urban economy.

The exposition is sponsored by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China Society of Automotive Engineers, China Automobile Dealers Association and Changchun Council for the Promotion of International Trade, organized by Changchun Bairui International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd., and supported by FAW Group and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade of Automobile Industry. In line with the theme of “Changchun Auto Expo-All for New Life”, it is meant to lead the future, demonstrate the culture, promote the consumption of automobile industry and thus drive the growth of economy.

“Changchun Auto Expo will first of all take the lead in carrying forward the banner of automotive exhibitions to alleviate in an effective manner the decline of sales in the first half of the year while stimulating the consumption of the whole industrial chain of automobile industry by means of exhibiting new technologies, new models and new products for the purposes of launching new models, destocking, benefiting more industries, driving the increase of jobs for the tertiary industry and improving the vitality of economy,” said Xu Huaiwu, President of Changchun Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the organizer of Changchun Auto Expo.

“Main Venue plus Sub-venues plus Online Exhibition”, Innovation Made in Exposition Organizing to Increase the Degree of Public Participation

The exposition is said to be organized in an innovative way for diversified development. By creating an innovative mode of “main venue plus sub-venues plus online exhibition”, the new features of “one main venue, several sub-venues, online and offline exhibitions” will be made possible.

The total area of offline exhibition is 203,000 square meters, which is presented in the form of “main venue plus sub-venues” so as to have the exposition promoted in the whole city, and thus attract more visitors. The main venue is at the Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center, totaling 150,000 square meters for 8 indoor pavilions and 4 outdoor sections. The sub venues are at the Kaixuan Road Used Car Market and some 4S stores, with an exhibition area of 53,000 square meters.

The online exhibition has such advantages as no space limitation, more extensive participation by the public and more abundant marketing approaches, which can effectively break the bottleneck of offline exhibition, and expand the form, service and efficiency of automobile exhibition so as to create the short-term traditional auto show into an online platform integrating “exhibition plus sale”, and open a new era of customized “cloud exhibition”. Insiders say digital means such as cloud computing and big data, combined with the integrated service platform “E-exhibition” App, will be adopted to make the event a new type of everlasting exhibition online. The estimated daily number of online visitors is 1 million times, and the whole period is expected to witness 10 million times. In addition, “E-road Expert Forum”, “New Car Launch” and other activities will be organized for carmakers to promote their new cars and interact with the visitors online, thereby strengthening the relationship between manufacturers and consumers.

Hi-tech and new media will get integrated in the exposition. Through exhibiting such cutting-edge technologies as driverless, intelligent 5G, AI and VR, the technological content of the exposition will be demonstrated. In addition, short video, live stream and other new media platforms are said to be used to provide the audience an immersive interactive experience, thereby improving the quality of science and technology of Changchun Auto Expo, and creating an intelligent, refined “Smart Auto Expo”.

16 Activities, Red Flag Carnival to Present the Most Wonderful Melody for International Auto Culture Festival

The Changchun International Automobile Culture Festival and Red Flag Carnival jointly sponsored by the People’s Government of Changchun City and Red Flag Brand are expected to make Changchun once again the focus of the world’s attention and the ocean of automotive culture in this July.

According to Wang Zuoquan, Director of Public Relations of FAW, 16 activities, which exceeds the overall scale of 2019, will be held in order to better spread the spirit and create the image of Red Flag.

FAW will exhibit all its brands in one pavilion, featuring the highest quantity and quality of its products including 7 models and 11 cars of H5, HS5 and the much-awaited H9, S9 and E-HS9.

Among the activities scheduled to be held during the exposition also include a music carnival to which Red Flag fans will be invited to enjoy the fusion of brand promotion and wonderful music; a design competition for automobile industry to show the exquisite art of design and the superb engineering technology of modern automobile; a visit to Red Flag Factory to explore the wonder of high-quality development of Red Flag; a marathon during which 400 cars will jointly show the speed and passion of Red Flag; a release of the

Report on Sustainable Development in 2019 and the

Data of Automobile Industry in the First Half of 2020; and a symposium in which outstanding representatives from different fields will discuss the countermeasures of China’s automobile industry against the unfavorable in the new era of brand new changes to the market of automobile industry.

Diversified Activities Scheduled to Bring about Different Highlights for Changchun Auto Expo

As the cradle of new China’s automobile industry, Changchun has a profound foundation of automotive culture plus the enthusiasm of the people in the whole city to support such exposition which cannot be compared with by other cities. Changchun Auto Expo has become a festival for the local citizens. This edition is characterized by rich and colorful automotive culture for which a series of wonderful activities in different forms will be held one after another.

During the exposition, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and China Automobile Dealers Association will join hands to release on a national scale the “

Data of Automobile Industry of China in the First Half of 2020”, “

New Trend of Passenger Vehicle Consumption in the First Half of 2020” and “

Top 100 Dealers of Auto Industry in 2020”.

In close cooperation with FAW’s Red Flag Carnival, the opening ceremony will be held at the venue of Changchun Auto Expo to further highlight the advantages and charm of the city of automobile industry and thus help FAW to secure another sales success in this exposition.

The online competition for automotive celebrities will be organized inside the Pavilion 1 to which 300 pop figures on such live stream platforms as Tik Tok, Snack Video and Voldev will be invited to compete for the top 10 celebrities and other awards according to the result of professional data such as the number of sold distinctive models of new energy vehicles, luxury cars and motors.

In addition, cultural and commercial activities will be held during the exposition. Anti-epidemic situation permitting, such activities as automobile tour, trip for top 100 dealers to Red Flag Factory will be organized to help Red Flag to expand the space for strategic cooperation, and create investment attraction and publicity platforms for Changchun City. In the meantime, efforts will be made to request the competent departments to implant preferential policies for car selling into the exposition so as to increase the sales of cars.

Take the Lead in Anti-epidemic Standard to Kick-start the Resumption of Work for Exhibition Industry

Affected by the epidemic in the first half of this year, the local exhibition industry suffered a stagnation. In accordance with the requirements of the authorities at national, provincial and municipal levels, the organizing committee has overcome all difficulties in taking the lead in organizing the exposition, with a detailed anti-epidemic action plan and standardized manual made and proved effective on site. This will no doubt serve as a reference and standard for other ongoing exhibitions and thus facilitate the exhibition industry to resume work and production.

In response to the real-time prevention and control of the epidemic, the principle “simple, scientific and accurate” will be followed this year. The organizing committee has now completed the anti-epidemic plan and established a leading group for the prevention and control of the epidemic in collaboration with Changchun Municipal Commission of Health, Economic and Technological Industry Development Zone and Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center, etc., an interactive, coordinated mechanism of “local authority-based, managed at city and district levels”, and a scientific control and prevention plan for the key nodes.

For the exhibitors invited from other places, such management methods as registration in advance, real name certification, temperature measurement through APP in different periods will be adopted. Intensive accommodation and supply of meals will be arranged as much as possible. In addition, special staff members will be appointed for statistics and dynamic updates. For the exhibitors coming from high-risk areas, corresponding documents are required according to the national epidemic prevention and control requirements.

The procedures of entering the pavilions will be refined. The systems of dynamic temperature measurement and identity authentication will be used to ensure the sources of information of all exhibitors and visitors are traceable. All participants must wear masks and have their health codes scanned and body temperatures measured exactly according to the disinfection and emergency requirements.